Unfeathered, with long narrow blades, these paddles deliver all the characteristics that native hunters relied upon.
 We craft our Greenland paddles to provide a flawless combination of tradition and superb function.
The powerful thrust and exceptional control of this blade shape will become
obvious when in use. The strength and versitility of this design enables a paddler
to supply a constant flow of energy to the kayak.
The long, narrow dihedral blade of a Greenland paddle is a very efficient hydrofoil and provides exceptional lift when used in a sweeping stroke.

Using these powerful sweep strokes will increase your
bracing ability and expand
your rolling options.
Whether you choose a hollow core wood paddle or a high tech carbon fiber you will revel in the endless possibilities of
this Greenland design. Carbon available in a one piece or two piece with the proven Lendal Paddlok joint system.
With the use of a low arm stroke there is less stress on wrists and shoulders while the exposed blade offers little resistance to wind.
"The constuction and symmetry is excellent... bears the closest resemblance to traditional Greenland paddles of anything I tested. The proportions of the shaft.. are comfortable and hand filling, and give the user a clear sense of blade orientation by feel along.. The transition between shaft and blade is excellent. Superior Kayaks has interpreted this important feature more accurately than anyone else has....its shape made it my favorite...." Sea Kayaker June 1999
   Carbon Fiber Greenland Paddle
Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Proven Design -- Proven Durability
Digitally reproduced from our computer carved wood paddles.
Composite paddles provide you with another medium for this great design. Foam cored for flotation with amazing strength.

Now these beautiful black paddles are in a NEW proprietary lay up for
an incredible 22 ounces. Multiple layers of carbon fiber weave and uni combine to provide a paddle of strength, beauty and lighweight.
**High Temp.**
**High Pressure** **Autoclaveprocess**
**Proprietary lay-up**
"I got one of your carbon Greenland storm paddles..it's so stowable and accessible that it will always be there as a spare whatever I'm paddling. The carbon/epoxy makes a nice surface-very smooth, and yet "sticky" under pressure, not slippery." Robert
"your paddle was the first Greenland paddle to cross the finish line in this race" Warren Williamson
Our paddles are an excellent compromise of strenth and weight. The high temperature and high pressure molding process contributes to the paddle's strength, weight and finish quality.
"..The Superior is by far the best designed and most durable rockgarden paddle out there. Its stiff, efficient, and doesn't mind if the blade isn't placed in the water perfect. It has the best catch of any paddle that I have used regardless of surface area...Thanks for a great paddle. " Tony
"...It had a very good feel in the hand and a soft touch in the water...It stood up to my hardest slap braces and heavy-handed rolls...it is every bit as stiff and strong as a wooden paddle." Chris C. Sea Kayaker October 2001
  Carbon Fiber
    Two Piece
Greenland Paddle
Superior Kayaks offers you the only 100% all Carbon Fiber Greenland paddle featuring
the proven Lendal Paddlok joint. The Lendal Paddlok joint allows us to assemble a
Greenland two piece paddle with a solid one piece feel. The button is recessed
so your hand glides smoothly along the shaft.
"I bought one of your Carbon Fiber GP paddles for my 1700 mile solo expedition to Alaska...your paddle performed flawlessly in all kinds of crazy weather and water. It was truly an integral part of my success. In January 2010 I will set out to paddle solo the 3300 mile Atlantic Coast from Key West to Nova Scotia. Once again, your paddle will be with me for the entire trip. Thank you for making me such an outstanding and quality product. I continue to tell everyone what a great and wonderful paddle this is... I am proud to be using your product to help acheive my goals." Glenn Charles
Greg Stamer
Newfoundland circumnavigation unsupported -
1306 miles -
 44 days
Mark Schoon - Scandinavia expedition 2009
"..with the exception of about 5 days..I've paddled this trip exclusively using Mark's paddle---it's superb. Today I was in very rough seas (20-30 kts with wave heights 8-10 feet from trough to wave topland) and the paddle has been fantastic. I actually paddle faster and longer with it than my euro... I had to let you know how happy I am with this paddle."
Travelers rejoice.
 You can carry your paddles with you everywhere.
"And the paddle is just fantastic.,,The weight is just amazing, and also the power of the strokes. Not to mention doing rolls.I took several rolls and I think the paddle works better than a wood paddle because it floates so well.....I am convinced that U make the world's finest paddles.." Ola L.
"I thought I was nuts to spend $400 on a paddle. Today, I am glad I did. Beautiful in the water, superb weight
and provides great Greenland help for sculls and rolls. Thank you!" Jeff N.
Oval Loom 1-1/4"x 1-1/2"
Blade Width 3-1/2"
Available from 76" thru 90"
Loom Length Varies 9.5"-23-1/2"
87" loom length approx. 20-1/2"
Weight in Carbon Fiber approx. 22 oz.
Need sizing help on Greenland Touring Paddles?
Just provide us with your height and beam of the kayak
and we will be happy to make a recommendation.
Holding our prices since 2008. In these economic times it is important to spend wisely and invest in a paddle with proven durability and design. Our paddles have withstood the test of time in numerous expeditions around the globe.
We can ship 2 paddles for one fee.
U.S. 1 pc. $40 2 pc. $25 Canada 1 pc. $80 2 pc. $40
International 1 pc. $175 2 pc. $55
"I am loving my carbon GP. It is so bouyant and light to hold. I have found I can up my cadence due to the lighter "throw weight"...It is now the paddle I want to use for ALL my paddling!" Mike J.
Iceland Circumnavigation - 2007
Greg Stamer - Freya Hoffmeister
33 days - 1007 miles
"I don't know if I have ever been happier with the results of a simple purchase. The paddle was so light, so stable in the water and in the hand, and propelled my boat so quickly and efficiently, almost effortlessly. I was estatic. Thank you so much." Dale Y.
One Piece
Two Piece
"I don't know if I have ever been happier with the results of a simple purchase. The paddle was so light, so stable in the water and in the hand, and propelled my boat so quickly and efficiently, almost effortlessly. I was estatic. Thank you so much." Dale Y.
"When unwrapping it I was amazed by its perfection and now, when I have tried it, I am just as impressed by its silk-smooth feel in the water.  It enters the water without a sound, provides a perfect grip, without flutter and feels feather light in the hands.  If and when I want it, it provides all the power I can wish for, absolutely comparable to my big euroblade.  It gives me a feeling of having a fine musical instrument in my hands and that I can play any melody I would like on it.  A true joy to use and a piece of art to be proud of.  Thank you very much for your excellent craftsmanship. Impressive!"  Jan
"The paddles are superb! The weight, balance and action in the water are all very good. We are very glad to have purchased such well made and easily handled paddles." Al M.
"That fancy lookin' black stick just blew me away....The paddle was magnificent everywhere it went. The craftsmanship is super, performance is the same. I've been paddling with cedar sticks home-made and a couple of (competitor's name withheld) and this Superior paddle is just amazing. Can't believe its rigidity. I know some like a bit of flex but I like the way this thing hooks up. Never thought I'd spend over $500 for a paddle of any kind but the handling and performance of this stick takes a good deal that pain away. It really is a joy to paddle with." Gaylon
"I was extremely impressed by the paddle's performance and the speeds I was able to obtain over longer distances with it. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase, and wanted to say that you make an exceptional product." Andrew B.
What do you think???? Waiting for your comments here....
Hollow Core Wood Greenland Paddle
Our hollow core process creates a paddle of optimal strength and minimal weight. Tipped with an epoxy bead, these paddles are not only beautiful but durable. Enjoy the feel of a handrubbed oil finish wood paddle.
Orientating the twelve epoxied pine laminations for
optimal grain strength, each blank is hollow cored.

A computerized carving system creates blades of perfect
symmetry affording the paddler four identical dihedral sides.
Oval Loom 1-1/4"x 1-1/2"
Blade Width 3-1/2"
Available from 76" thru 90"
Loom Length Varies 9.5"-23-1/2"
87" loom length approx. 20-1/2"
Weight in Wood approx. 32 oz.
  Paddle Making Video
We can ship 2 one piece paddles for one shipping fee.
U.S. $40 - Canada $80 - International $175
One Piece
"Paddle has arrived! How is it? Perfect!" Anna
"The paddle you crafted for me is magical: the warmth and figuring of the wood, the shape simultaneously simple, yet complex and elegant, its silky feel in the water, the perfect, precise control it gives me. No other kayak paddle I've used seems to be such a natural extension of my body. Thank you!!!" Mark M.
"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The paddle is absolutely without flaw and the most beautifully handcrafted piece of wood/art that I have seen in years." Maggie K.
"What a nice thing that paddle is! It ehibits none of the fluttering, diving and assorted other bad behaviors of my other borrowed Greenland paddle." Karl W.
Hollow Core Wood Paddle Kits
Superior Kayaks is happy to offer our traditional Greenland shouldered paddle available in a do-it yourself kit form. This computer cut blank will provide you with the opportunity to own a Superior Greenland Paddle design at a fraction of the finished cost.
  Paddle Kit
  Finishing Video
Each blank is cut on our computerized router to assure correct shaping and symmetry. This is the same hollow cored blank we use for our finished paddles.The kit comes with a blank ready to finish along with complete instructions.
Video Build.
Oval Loom approx.1-1/4"x 1-1/2"
Blade Width approx. 3-1/2"
Available from 84" thru 90"
Soft Shoulder
Hollow Core 12 pc. Laminated Pine
Need sizing help on Greenland Touring Paddles?
Just provide us with your height and beam of the kayak and we will be happy to make a recommendation.
Finish shaping the shaft to fit comfortably in your hands and sand the shaft. Lightly sand the blades to remove the router grooves, cut the tip and seal the paddle with oil or finish of your choice.
Why not start with a proven design?
 Paddle Bags
Spare Paddlok Key
Paddlok Button Replacement
Paddle bags sewn from heavy cordura nylon
with internal divider to further protect each paddle or paddle half.
Full paddle bag holds two full length touring Greenland Paddles.
Two piece paddle bag holds both halves of your Greenland paddle.
"BTW ..the paddle bags are great. The simplicity of the design and how well they are made are definitely worth the price! I'm glad I ordered them." Lukas
Lendal Paddlok replacement button or spare key.
 . Button $5.00
   Spare Key $9.50
Paddle Maintenance
Two Piece Paddle Joint - Keep your joint area clean from sand, salt and dirt. For assembly, slip the halves together while gently rotating the parts back and forth until the button clicks up into the hole. Insert the kay into the hole in the button and down into the set screw below. Turn the key clockwise to tighten the joint. This requires approx. one to one and a half full turns of the key. Tighten until you have no slop in the joint. Tighten firmly but not excessively. There should be no twist play in a properly tightened Paddlok joint. If you should damage your button you can purchase a new one and install. To separate you need only insert the key and loosen counterclockwise. Press the button to release the halves and rotate the parts apart. If you lose your key you can purchase a new one or use any 3mm allen key. It is not recommended to use your paddle unlocked.

Carbon Fiber Paddles - Carbon Fiber paddles should be cleaned and if possible sprayed occasionally with 3M 303 protectant to keep your paddle clean and protected from UV rays.

Wood Paddles - Wood paddles should be cleaned and oiled with a few drops of boiled linseed oil when needed. Occasionally apply a few drops of boiled linseed oil to a clean paddle. Rub the oil in by hand and allow cure time before using. Depending on the usage/storage of your wood paddle you may need to apply oil once a year or a few times during the season. If you ding your paddle you can lightly sand the area with steel wood and apply a drop of oil to the spot and rub it in.

If it is time to refinish your paddle you may sand down the entire paddle with 100 grit sandpaper and wipe off all dust from the paddle. Apply a heavy coat of linseed oil to the paddle and saturate the edges or other scratched areas where you may have sanded heavily. Rub down the paddle the next day with medium steel wood to take off any excess oil. Let the paddle sit 4 or 5 days at room temperature. The oil needs this time to cure properly. Next, buff the paddle with medium or fine steel wool carefully. Dust off and re-apply a second thin coat of oil. Repeat this process of oiling and curing 4 to 5 days, buffing the paddle and re-oiling to get a total of 5 coats. If you are having trouble buffing the oil down you may not be allowing enough time for the oil to cure between coats or you oilded too heavily. You may buff the paddle using some lemon oil on a fine steel wool pad to remove the excess or uncured surface oil. Continue the process until complete.
WARNING::: ***REMEMBER*** Oiled rags and steel wool pads should be disposed of properly in a fire can or bucket of water as they may self-ignite!!
22-23 ounces...Incredible!!!
"I''ve been using the paddle nearly everyday for two months now, rolling, moving and surfing with it. Beautiful! I could not be any happier with this paddle!". Andrew H.

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