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Made in the USA
100% Carbon Fiber Paddle
Digitally reproduced from our computer carved wood paddles, these composite paddles provide you with another medium for this great design. Foam cored for flotation, you will be amazed at the strength, warmth and feel of these beautiful black paddles. In sizes 84" through 90" as a one or two piece. Raw materials and production in the USA.
One piece $475
Two piece with Lendal Paddlok joint $550
(Will fit in standard checked luggage)
Superior Kayaks offers you the only 100% all Carbon Fiber Greenland paddle in a two piece version. The Lendal Paddlok joint allows us to assemble a Greenland two piece paddle with a solid one piece feel. The button is recessed so your hand glides smoothly along the shaft.
Travelers rejoice. You can now carry your Superior Kayaks Greenland paddles everywhere.
Add a paddle bag to your order:
Cordura Nylon bag
Double holds two full length touring paddles $25
Single holds two halves of the two piece paddle $10
Need sizing help on Greenland Touring Paddles?
Just provide us with your height and beam of the kayak.
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Why paddle with a stick? Whether you choose high tech carbon fiber or a laminated hollow core wood paddle you will be amazed at the versatality of the Greenland paddle. This low arm paddle stroke is superb for long distance paddling. The narrow blade offers a full thrust for forward motion while offering little resistance to the wind. The paddling stroke is easier on your wrists and shoulders. This blade will slide through your hand offering you full use of the paddle's length for greater options in bracing and rolling.
Oval Loom 1-1/4"x 1-1/2" Length approx. 20-1/2"
Loom Length Variant on Paddle Length
Blade Width 3-1/2"
Lengths in Carbon Fiber 76" thru 90"
Weight in Carbon Fiber 26 ounces
 Paddle Specifications
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Our Superior Paddle is the culmunation of technology and tradition.
Keep America Strong.
Even our carbon fiber is manufactured in the USA.
Proven design - Proven durability
Proven Design
Proven Durability
Please note we can ship up to four two piece paddles or two one piece paddles in one container. UPS charges will be adjusted accordingly.
Our two piece paddle with proven Lendal Paddlok joint will fit in your checked luggage for no additional charge on most airlines. Maximum two piece length for a 90" paddle is 48".
Airline guidelines for checked 45" x 55" x 62" with carry ons of 22" x 9" x 14".
Made in the USA.
History of the first manufactured Carbon Greenland Paddle.
Our paddles are made in Whitelaw, Wisconsin from materials manufactured in the United States. Introducing the world's first Carbon Greenland paddle in 2000, Superior Kayaks continues to produce quality crafted paddles in both wood or Carbon.

Carving wood paddles since 1990, our years of experience and expertise in Greenland paddle design prompted us to collaborate with a composite molding company and invest in an autoclave molding process creating the first manufactured Carbon Greenland paddle. In 2005, the composite company told us it was moving our raw paddle production to China. Keeping production in the United States was important to us so we took over full in house production of our paddles in 2006.

Setting up an autoclave process in our shop was tedious but rewarding. We were then able to control our laminated assembly process using various pre-preg materials and were able to modify and improve our lay-ups to arrive at the optimal paddle. Strength versus weight is always an issue and we feel our paddles are an excellent compromise of both. In a proprietary lay-up, our paddles have proven their strength and versatility. The high temperature and high pressure molding process contributes to the paddle's strength and finish quality. Foam cored for additional strength, our paddles have withstood the test of time in numerous expeditions around the world. With production in house, Mark is in complete control of a quality paddle.

We are the only Greenland paddle manufacturer licensed to use the Lendal Paddlok joint system in our paddles. The quality locking system provides a secure solid joint. A recessed button contributes to the smooth shaft so necessary for a Greenland paddle.

We have held our prices since 2008 even though our material costs have risen sharply. In these economic times it is important to invest in a paddle with proven durability and design.
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka