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Handcrafted Mahogany Kayaks
Handcrafted to uncompromising standards by Mark A. Rogers, form and function come together, creating a series of kayaks that share the same exceptional design. Each kayak is handcraft with meticulous care.
Wind and waves have little effect on the kayaks low deck profile. These kayaks are very seaworthy enchancing the paddler's ability to work with rather than against the sea.
There are seven kayak models to choose from. Each designed for
optimum performance for various size paddlers and their paddling requirements.
Our kayaks carry the fluid lines of their Greenland predecessors in mahogony, epoxy & fiberglass.
These fast maneuverable kayaks offer good initial stability and outstanding secondary stability.
The shallow V hull bottom and sharp chine edges with flared hull sides combine to produce a superb tracking kayak that turns effortlessly when heeled.
Mahogany, epoxy and fiberglass are ideal construction materials for today's hard shelled kayaks. We use high quality, 3 ply marine grade Okoume plywood and West System epoxy. We sandwich the ply between multiple layers of fiberglass cloth. Our kayaks are completely fiberglassed inside and out to create kayaks that are incredibly strong, durable and very lightweight.
Wood Kayak Construction
Each kayak is finished with exacting attention to detail. Handfinished with several coats of the finest marine varnish, the individual color and grain patterns of the mahogany show through making each kayak a truly unique piece of functional art.
Comfort and fit are important in any kayak and you will find both in a Superior Kayak.
The cockpit is designed for a smooth entry and exit without compromising proper fit. Standard sizes range from 16" x 19" to 16" x 24".
Our molded fiberglass seat with custom fitted foam back support offer a paddler a high level of comfort. Padded hip plates and knee pads under the fore deck will contribute to excellent control of the kayak. We can also position the front bulkhead to provide optimal space. This custom positioning of the wood bulkhead along with a custom fitted closed cell wall serves as an excellent footbrace.
Seating & Control
Despite a long list of standard equipment, personal preference is always important. Superior Kayaks will custom build a kayak that is uniquely yours by accommodating individual needs. If you have a particular request, we will be happy to discuss options with you.
Our kayaks are built for paddlers who seek new horizons.
Kayak Specifications
Sparrow Hawk - 16'6"
Sea Hawk - 17'4"
Arctic Hawk - 18'
Hawk SS - 19'6"
Hawk - 19'2"
Hawk GT - 18'10"
Northern Hawk - 19'
Ammassalik 180 - 18'
Ammassalik 176 - 17'6"
Waterline Length
38 lbs.
42 lbs.
44 lbs.
43 lbs.
45 lbs.
45 lbs.
46 lbs.
35 lbs.
33 lbs.
Superior Kayaks currently taking orders on custom varnished mahogany kayaks for delivery 2012.
 Price $5,850
Includes Knee Tube, retractable skeg, rear bulkhead wall hatch and foam or wood third wall, custom footbrace and backbrace, bungie and rope system.
Reserve your building spot online with a $500 deposit.
Each model can be modified to suit your paddling needs. Beams can be adjusted and heights lowered/raised. Work with the designer to make your custom kayak uniquely yours. Cockpit sizes from 16"x20" to 16"x28"
"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful kayak that you built me. .It is everything I had hoped it would be. The craftmanship is absolutely top-notch. Every detail in the kayak is very well executed, from the shape of the cockpit to the very well-designed skeg... My Hawk is a faster kayak, has secondary stability that is far more clearly defined, has a dramatically better shaped cockpit and the skeg is light years beyond the one I previously had. One thing that surprised me about the Hawk is just how much space there is for carrying gear... It handles as I expected it would..Thanks again" Bob B.
"I took the Hawk SS out yesterday in about 5-7 knots for 1.5 hours and it was amazing. I took it out today in 15-17 knots for 2 hours with severe cross chop from sea walls and was truly AMAZING AND THRILLING. It was fast and stable with the wind having almost no effect on the hull and waves washing over the deck. The skeg was great when I ran downwind. THANKS AGAIN I rate the Hawk SS 12 on a scale of 1 to 10." Kevin G.
"THE KAYAK IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!IT IS A WORK OF ART!!!!!" I'm either going to take it for a paddle tomorrow or display it in the living room as a work of art." Kevin G.
"Love your boat. It handles very well. Have received lots of comments in the beauty and workmanship of the boat. It appears to be plenty rugged also. The flush hatches add a lot to the appearance and have stayed watertight. Thanks for a fine product." Otto S.
"The Hawk GT is simply the finest paddling boat I have ever had the pleasure of paddling! It is love at first dip of the paddle." Bob S.
"lean this kayak on its chine and you'd think a rudder was turning the kayak. Eskimo rolls..pops right up, I feel very tight and secure in the cockpit. The Arctic Hawk is a wonderful kayak. It will become a good friend." Horst N.
The Hawk flies! She's great in the water as expected. Really a fast traveler and comfortable. Stealth boat" Anne W.
'My Hawk had its 10th anniversary this year, and it still draws oohs and aahs. You just can't believe how good it looks considering how hard I've used it." Sanjay G.
Permanent bulkheads installed fore and aft provide maximum flotation. Our flush mounting watertight hatches provide ease of access and ample dry storage for gear. The rear bulkhead hatch allows you to easily store longer items in your kayak. You can further divide the rear compartment by adding an additional bulkhead. Add either a foam or wood third bulkhead for other storage options.
A knee tube under the fore deck is an ideal place for a water bottle, snacks and other items.
Hatches: 7-1/2" x 8- 3/4" and 10" x 15-1/4"
Storage for all your kayak tripping needs.
Braided dacron decklines are installed the full length of the fore and aft decks for your safety. Elastic shock cords are mounted fore and aft for added deck storage. Strategically placed ropes behind the cockpit provide a secure mount for a paddle to be used as an outrigger. The secured paddle is held perpendicular to the kayaks deck to aid you in re-entry while afloat. Spare paddle mountings and grab loops complete this package.
Deck outrigger and
spare paddle storage
Retractable skeg with recessed control knob is standard.
Retractable Skeg also sold as kit for home builders and retrofits. $195.00. Read more about our skeg system on the supply page.
"The kayak is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. Mark is surely the premier designer and builder of this style of boat on the American continent. Many thanks for all you did and for creating something of such great beauty and function." Geary S.
"I did get out in the Hawk SS and the next time I paddled I took out the skin boat. I just couldn't decide which boat I like better. If you are talking about beauty, the Hawk SS wins hands down. I love both kayaks and am very pleased that I have both of them. I decided I do not have to have a favorite but did decide to get rid of my other kayaks. I am going to try and paddle around Lake Superior in the Hawk SS. I know the boat will make it, can I before I get too old? It is those dreams that keep me going and Mark builds dreams." Gene O.
"The Hawk SS is faster than I will ever be...this boat seems to hold a nice cruising speed with minumun effort and is plenty fast when I want it to be. None of my skin boats exhibit much bow wake but I think the Hawk has even less.. It really does not feel like I am pushing any water at all...I know that changing cadence will change the speed of any kayak, but this one just seems more responsive to the little things. What fun! ...I found that using the skeg, even a little bit, was almost like cheating, kind of like putting training wheels on a nice road bike. The fit is really, really good.Can you tell I am really pleased?" Greg M.
All designs now available in a painted version with beckson hatches, footbraces or foam wall, backstrap or foam backpad, pad eyes, ropes & shock cord systems. Many colors to choose from. $4,600
Paddler Recommended Height/Weight
Sparrow Hawk
Sea Hawk
Arctic Hawk
Hawk SS
Hawk GT
Northern Hawk
Ammassalik 180
Ammassalik 176
5'-5'5" 100-150 lbs.
5'5"-5'9" 130-170 lbs.
5'8"-6' 160-210 lbs.
5'8"-6'2" 160-210 lbs.
5'8"-6'2" 160-220 lbs.
5'8"-6'2" 180-240 lbs.
6' plus 210-250 lbs.
5'8"-6'2" 160-220 lbs.
5'-5'7" 130-170 lbs.
New East Greenland Design
Now taking orders for custom kayaks or kits
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Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
Superior Kayaks Paddles Kayak Building Kits Greenland Bidarka
"After paddling for the last 20 years, I finally have a boat which makes up for my shortcomings in the rolling arena. I had all but given up being able to hand roll reliably, and along came the Ammassalik from Superior Kayaks. The Ammassalik took me to a whole new level of rolling. Wow! This is an extreme rolling boat which is still comfortable as a day boat. At about 34 pounds, it is a snap to throw it up on the car and just about the most fun you can have sitting down. Well done Mark!" Bob